About us



Ever looked around your home and thought there was something missing? The beginning of BijouxLu & Co., originally BijouxLu Creations, started with just that. Pieces that we needed to complete for our wedding day, to decorate our first home and now, to finish the nursery that welcomed our child. For us this has been an amazing journey of learning, working together and figuring out what it takes to run a small business. 

We are a husband and wife team creating Home Decor pieces that we hope will incite our customers to begin decorating, enhance or compliment their homes. Along with our handmade items, we have curated a collection of unique pieces from our Native country of Venezuela and around the world to shed light on Artisans & Tribes whose art deserves recognition. Thank you so much for visiting our shop and supporting our Small Business.     

Derrick & Luisana 

Venezuelan man


At the heart of our Venezuelan Collection, is our Cultural Entrepreneur, Luis Rojas. He is in charge of researching these communities of artists and tribes while acquiring and collecting the pieces. He provides our clients with the informative material on the artists we highlight and gives us insight into their history and the creation of these works of art.